Rabbit Food Sun Fun

"Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom." - your pet rabbit eating this fruit, nut and vegetable seed mix. 

3.5 lb. 



Guinea Pig Food Sun Fun

He's not really a rabbit, but not really a hamster, either. Whatever he is, he's hungry for this fruit, nut and vegetable seed mix! 

3.5 lb. 



Hamster & Gerbil Food Sun Fun

Your hamsters can fit in your palm, yet eat three times your body weight. Give them the sustenance they need to keep up their confusing lifestyle. 

3.5 lbs. 



Medium Litter Pan

Cats deserve a porcelain throne, too. Except the blue plastic kind that gets filled with litter. Whatever. 




Flea Tick Spray Dog & Cat

For dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens



Kitten Chow

Because you've never seen a creature so cute and cuddly in your life and oh my god that was the daintiest meow you've ever heard and you just wanna hug him forever but also you shouldn't forget to feed him too.

6.3 lb.



Kitten Chow


Cat Litter Instant Action 8.5 LB

Your cat will still scratch up the carpet. Still get hair on the couch. Still cuddle up next to you all cute so you forget about what a pain it was to handle the mess. At least with this lightweight litter formula, some of the mess will handle itself.

8.5 lb.



Clumping Litter 24/7 Performance 14 LB

For your inner cat lady. Many cats without the crap.

14 lb.



Friskies Turkey & Chicken Dinner with Cheese Pate

Pop this top and you're cat will drop theirs.

5.5 oz



Earth Rated Waste Bags

I know you like to think yo (dog's) sh*t don't staaaank but with these lavender scented waste bags, it literally won't.

120 count. 



Dog Collar 18"-26"

Adjustable Collar



Muzzle Small

For miniature breeds



Muzzle Small


Pooper Scooper

Easy one-handed operation



Peanut Butter Filled Bone 3"

This peanut butter treat will get your dog tooottaalllyy booonnneeeddd bro. 



Greenie Hygiene Dog Treats

Something green that actually tastes good - who knew? Dogs, apparently. 

12 oz. 



Puppy Chow

We understand that puppies have the power to make you do criminal things. Like, if by staring into his big brown eyes your new little friend somehow communicated that you should rob a bank for him, for money that he - being a dog - would have no use for, you still would. Luckily for you, although this description is definitely criminal, this nutricious puppy chow is anything but.

8.8 lb.



Puppy Chow


Beggin' Strips

Bacon is not species-discriminatory. 

14 oz. 


Canidae Platinum Formula Dog Food

Can't keep your eyes of your fatty doggy? 5 lbs. Four protein sources: chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish.



Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Sure, your dog grew up in a middle to upper class surburban neighborhood and drank water from a porcelain bowl, but damnit she won't eat like it! With this bison and roasted venison mix, Lassie will feel like she never left the prairie.

5 lb.



Life Protection Dog Food

Because you care more about your dog than you do your friends, feed him/her the good stuff. Like this chicken and brown rice recipe. Dat good good. 



Taste of the Wild Puppy Food

Your puppy be wildin' out

5 lbs