A bright but soft mint green creme color. Great for spring. Long-wearing nail lacquer. Flexible and will not chip. Non-thickening formula no thinner required.


Febreze Large 16.9 oz!

Also would suggest ordering with gum and eyedrops and a BIG bottle of water. 16.9 fl oz.



Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle

Mr. Clean is like, kinda hot??? 16 fl oz.



Charmin 4 Pack Toilet Paper

Choosing the right bath tissue is tough. So is Charmin Ultra Strong. Now 4X stronger than the leading bargain brand when wet, it delivers a better clean for the whole family so can use up to 4X less.



Shower Caddy 2-Tier

Keep that shower organized and clean with this awesome caddy!



Toilet Paper Stand With Reserve

A sterling stand for the porcelain throne.



Stainless Trash Can 3-Liter

"Take out the trash!" - this new trash can about your old trash can.

3 Liter


Stainless Trash Can 20-Liter!

"Take out the trash!" - this new trash can about your old trash can.

20 Liter


Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue

2-ply sheets


Sewing Kit

No time or money for the tailor? Test your skills with this kit



Sewing Kit


Latex Gloves

Protect your hands because they are the window to the soul. Right?

1 pair.


Latex Gloves


Iron Hamilton Beach 1700 Watt

Super powerful and durable Hamilton Beach Iron includes:

1700 watts - powerful steam
Removes wrinkles fast
Retractable cord for easy storage
Electronic temperature controls
Vertical steam - removes wrinkles while clothes are still on the hanger
Chrome body styling
Stainless steel soleplate
Anti-drip and 3-way auto shutoff
Powerful blast, spray & vertical steam


Foldable Laundry Bin

No one likes doing laundry, but at least make it convenient for yourself.



Bounce Dryer Sheets 15 Pack

There is a tradition here at goPuff, when a new product is added, all employees undergo a celebration of sorts. Needless to say, much bouncing occurred when these sheets were added among our ranks.

15 Pack




You literally are obligated by law to wear clothing on your body most of the day, you best be making sure they're soft as hell on that sensitive beautiful skin of yours. 19 fl oz.





Tide Laundry Detergent 25 fl. oz.

Ok, here's the real question - what's worse? Taking plates out of the dishwasher to find that they're still dirty or taking clothes out of the wash and finding that they're stained? At least with Tide can you eliminate one of those possibilities so you don't have to worry about that possibility. 25 fl oz.



Tide To Go

For the dirty girls among us - even on the down-low. Ripped jeans are fashionable but stained shirts are not (who the hell knows why, we know our lives would be easier if they were) so get your act together with this little blessing from above.



Tide To Go


Electric Burner

A compact and powerful appliance that saves valuable counter space. The Electric Burner is a powerful and convenient portable burner. It is small, saving you valuable countertop space. An electric burner is perfect for vacation cabins, small apartments, and also provides an extra cooking surface for feeding a large group. Proctor Silex Electric Burners are affordable and sturdy appliances providing quick and sustained heat with an easy-to-use temperature-setting knob with low, medium, or high settings. The burner is also easy to clean, just wipe the chrome drip pan quickly and effortlessly.



Glad Plastic Wrap

Perfect for wrapping up leftovers or one of your pals and then leaving them in the forest gagged with no cell phone for hours on end for what is sure to be a prank they will be really glad that you did! DISCLAIMER: don't do that please, it's really rude and traumatizing and please don't ask us how we know that.



Saran Wrap

Saran premium plastic wrap can help you keep all your food fresh and healthy. From meats to fruits to the leftovers, it keeps everything fresh. The pack is free of chlorine. The wrap's special stretch and seal technology allows for easy covering and protection. Turning back one corner of the wrap helps vent excess steam.



Saran Wrap


Coffee Grinder

Get fresh ground coffee at home with the Hamilton Beach Chamber Coffee Grinder. In no time your coffee addiction will pay off with this efficient coffee grinder that will let you buy the less expensive coffee beans. Imagine that, you get to have fresh ground coffee every day for less. If you haven't stepped into the world of coffee grinders yet, you're going to be happy when you do. 12 cup capacity.



Stainless Steel Peeler

Every potato's favorite bad boy.



2-Piece Glass Bottle Set

Get that restaurant feeling with this two piece glass bottle set.



Salt & Pepper Shaker

Shake it up with this salt & pepper set.



Click & Lock 14 Piece Storage Containers

YOU NEED THESE! Not because they're super practical and will save your food and money, but because every kitchen should have a cabinet that overflows with plastic boxes like lava from a volcano everytime you open it.



4 Sided Grater

Isn't cheese grate?



Pasta Strainer 3 Quart

Stop being such an impasta and buy this strainer already.



Paper Towel Holder

What do you mean you don't have a holder for your paper towels? Are you an animal!?



Cutting Board & Knives Set 5 Piece

Sometimes you just want to pretend you're a Food Network Star. These will help you look the part.



Deluxe Dish Drainer

Your dishes aren't so different from you; they like to chill out, cool off, and be drained of all their anxieties (read: crumbs).



Nylon Slotted Spatula

You like pancakes, don't you?