Organic Kale

8 oz


Organic Kale


Organic Green Peas

Peas and peas and peas and organic peas



Organic Green Beans

 Tender green beans cut into bite sized pieces for a “fresh from the garden” flavor. 



Organic Baby Asparagus

The “taste of spring” any time, these asparagus are grown without artificial chemicals.



Organic Spinach

Tender, young organic spinach leaves, full of flavor and nutrition. A good source of iron. 



Organic Edamame

All the nutrition of tender young soy beans in the shell organically grown for your enjoyment.



Organic Blueberries

Fresh frozen blueberries, plump and juicy, grown without artificial pesticides



Organic Whole Strawberries

Perfectly ripe strawberries grown organically and quick frozen at the peak of flavor



Organic Tropical Fruit Blend

Bananas, mangos and strawberries, all organically grown for a tropical fruit salad anytime. 



Organic Cheese & Pesto Large Pizza Amy's

Ever heard the story of the dude who took a bite of this pizza, blacked out and woke up in a gondola in Venice being serenaded by an Italian hunk with mozzarella for hair?

14 oz. (anything but) basic cheese pizza with a layer of pesto and fresh tasting tomato sauce atop a whole-wheat crust.



Organic Spinach Medium Pizza Amy's

Does this count as eating your vegetables?

7.2 oz. blend of feta cheese, basil and organic spinach topped with a sprinkling of part-skim mozzarella cheese.


Organic Margherita Pizza Amy's

Margherita is one hulluva woman.

13 oz.


Organic 4 Cheese Large Pizza Amy's

One Direction is so out. Four Cheeses are so in.

12 oz. organic "Pizza Quatro Formaggio," featuring Fontina, Provolone, Parmesan and Mozzarella.


Bagel Bites Three Cheese

Pizza? Bagels? Cheese? WE'RE THERE.



Bagel Bites Pepperoni

A little bit of PEP. A little bit of BAGELS.



Pizza Rolls Cheese

Pizza and rolls, the best of two world’s meet, and the result is spectacular. 


Pizza Rolls Pepperoni

Pizza and rolls, the best of two world’s meet, and the result is spectacular. 

7.5 oz


Eggo Waffles Original

Don’t ever let go of your eggo, but if you do you can also get more delivered to you.


Brown'N Serve Waffle Breakfast

And in the morning? You're making waffles.

5.32 oz


Brown'N Serve French Toast Breakfast

Enjoy your breakfast like you enjoy your lover... in bed.

5.07 oz


Chickpeas & Peppers Fries

Crispy fries with a perfect blend of chickpeas and red peppers.

25% Chickpeas & Red Peppers

All Natural

Good Source of Fiber

Excellent Source of Vitamin C

No Gluten (or Wheat) Ingredients

No Genetically Modified Ingredients

Low Sodium



Easy Crispy Fries - Ore Ida

Hungry? Want something extra delicious and extra quick? These extra crispy fries are ready in just four minutes - it doesn't get much easier than that!

4.75 oz


Alexia Organic Oven Fries

Oven baked organic fries.  Its like normal fries without the guilt.

16 oz


Alexia Natural Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato sweet potato sweet potato fries

15 oz



Alexia Waffle Cut Fries

A french fry that looks like a waffle. The deception is real, but so is the deliciousness.

20 oz. 


Organic Mac and Cheese Amy's

Let goPuff be the mac to your 'roni. Please?

8 oz. gluten free macaroni style organic rice noodles covered with a smooth cheese sauce. a Vegan option!


White Castle Cheeseburgers 6 Pack

Harold and Kumar didn't make three movies about White Castle for nothing. 6-pack of burgers.



White Castle Cheeseburgers 2 Pack

Don't get lost like Harold & Kumar, just order some of these!



Banquet Chicken Nuggets

Nugget sized pieces of tender chicken breast, seasoned to perfection!